Ideal virtual spaces for featuring kitchen countertops, tile backsplashes, and hardwood floors.

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Optimized to present carpeting, rugs, house paints, and flooring.

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Perfect for showcasing rugs, floors, and sheet sets.

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Virtual Room bathrooms effectively accentuate tile floors and walls, as well as house paints.

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The hallways in our virtual spaces work best to present hardwood floors, rugs, carpeting, and house paints.

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Virtual Dining Rooms are ideal for presenting a variety of different house paints, wallpaper designs, and flooring products.

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Our Virtual Room art walls are the perfect way to present a gallery of your wall art pieces.

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Our Services

3D modeling and virtual reality is the next step into the future. Visualizer Plus is a new state of the art web based design tool that lets users to see their future in 360-degree high-definition.

Virtual Reality Tool

Visualizer Plus presents Virtual Rooms: a new web-based virtual reality tool that enables your customers to see your products in a full 360 degrees of high-definition virtual space.

Product Specialization

We specialize in creating virtual reality models of products offered by the manufacturers and retailers of kitchen countertops, window curtains, flooring, tile, and house paints.

No App Needed

The philosophy behind our Virtual Rooms is that they should be user-friendly first and foremost. Users don't need to download or install anything to experience them. Virtual Rooms work "straight out of the box" on any modern web browser.

Visualize Real Products

Customers can mix and match hundreds of different options available for your products and preview their customized selections in a photorealistic 3D virtual space to find exactly what they're looking for.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our Virtual Rooms can be used on a Mac, PC, or mobile device.

Feature a Virtual Room On Your Site

You can embed our Virtual Rooms on your website where you can showcase lifelike 3D models of your products for customers to preview and interact with in virtual reality.

Why Choose Us?



$199.00/ Mon

  • 1 Virtual Room
  • 1 x 360 Camera
  • 1 x 2D Camera
  • $1999 Initial Setup
  • $45 Per Product
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$299.00/ Mon

  • 2 Virtual Room
  • 2 x 360 Camera
  • 2 x 2D Camera
  • $2999 Initial Setup
  • $40 Per Product

Pro Plus

$399.00/ Mon

  • 5 Virtual Room
  • 5 x 360 Camera
  • 5 x 2D Camera
  • $3999 Initial Setup
  • $35 Per Product
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